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pendant lamp

Getting suitable lighting for your business or home is essential. Apart from giving light to the place, appropriate lights also give your home warmth and comfort. The tom dixon lighting  is a collection of the best designs suitable for interior décor. These lighting accessories provide your room with the comfort and warmth you desire. If you are looking for lights for your office, home furnishing or café, then you need to have a look at the Tom Dixon lamp designs. This article gives you some of the amazing designs that you get in this category.


Replica Tom Dixon punch ball pendant

This pendant light is made of metal plates and stainless steel. It creates a pentagon shape that gives your room the ballright lighting. It is available in two sizes, small and medium.

It is suitable for use in offices, restaurants and cafes. You can buy the punch ball lamp in black, gold or platinum. You can buy the punch ball lighting from replica lights at only $413.

Replica Tom Dixon base table lamp

Are you looking for a lamp that will transform the way your table looks? Well, do not hesitate to get the replicaTom Dixon base table lamp. Tom Dixon is the designer of this fabulous light. It is made of aluminum-copper with a black base. It is suitable for use as a bedside lamp. This lamp comes with a warranty of 12 months.

Replica Tom Dixon flask pendant light

This Tom Dixon flask pendant light is made of glass components. It will give your room not only warmth but a luminous glow as well. You can suspend it alone or in multiples. It has a glass hood that reduces glare. The flask pendant light also has a ridged base to give your room a rippled glow that is comfortable and warm. It is handmade and thus available in a wide range of colors. You can buy it at $159 from replica lights. It has a 12 months warranty for residents of Australia.

Replica Tom Dixon Pipe black pendant lamp

pendant lampThe Tom Dixon pipe pendant light is made in the shape of a pipe. It has an exterior made of aluminum black while the interior is made using gold. Given its design, there is no doubt that it will look outstanding in a group. This pipe pendant lighting is suitable for use in restaurants, retail shops, cafes, home furnishing and offices. It has one year warranty to give you the peace of mind you need.