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cloud computing

Regardless of your business’s specialization, the key operations in your company must have involved some degree of computing and networking. You’d better choose that second option. Let’s explore the reasons together.

Affordable Costs

explaning chartsHaving an in-house IT support can be very expensive, especially for startups. A team of two technicians will cost you $100 per hour, if it consists of 5 people, the price can reach $175. Needless to mention, that fee may not be flat. Extra services often mean additional expenses. Annually, you have to prepare at least $350,000 for an in-house IT division.

If you outsource your IT infrastructure, you will only need around $5000 for a standard-scale service, or $25,000 for a bigger one. It all depends on how many servers and workstations you ask to manage. But regardless, the cost will be way more affordable.

Scalable Services

centralized workstationsThe best thing about an outsourced IT infrastructure is that you don’t have to invest in expensive training and equipment to scale up. If you create an in-house division, you will have to retrain all the technicians there and equip them with new hardware and software. You are free from all of these if you use a managed IT service.

Therefore, you should check if the scalability of the provider you pick suits you or not in the long run. You’d rather think 10 years ahead for this matter because looking for a new managed service provider will take another trial and error.

Up-to-Date Tech

Just like what’s been implied in the previous section, you don’t have to buy any equipment or upgrades to get the latest tech in IT infrastructure. Everything is included in your subscription to the provider’s service. And it means that you can always keep up with your competitors, and you can focus more on your company’s core goals. You will find this perk extremely useful if your business operates outside the information technology field.

Fast Workflow

With the advance of cloud computing and storage, managed service providers are usually integrated with cloud systems. With everything centralized, monitored, and maintained, your company can work at an exceptional speed. If there are issues in your IT infrastructure, your managed service provider will fix them for you. And you can also have access to the stats of your performance so that you can evaluate and improve your company’s workflow routinely.

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