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firewood forest

Buying a piece of forest land is a profitable business opportunity. First, only a few business people are willing to get through the hassle of cultivating the land. Second, because of the few enthusiasts in the business, most forest land lots are sold in at a low price. Third, once you find the best forestry business type for your land, the cash will flow into your wallet in a big sum steadily.

Employing the Right Consultants

wood logging at workThe forestry business has a few competitors, yet the law can get sophisticated because any parties involved there must embrace the idea of sustainability. Forestry affects local ecosystem, water supply, and climate. If the business runs with a model that is oriented toward profit only, it will bring adverse effects on the surrounding environment.

First, you should get a forestry lawyer to consult with. As a landowner, you must make a rent contract that defines the liability limits of you and your tenant. Timberland and plantation will produce waste. The agreement must address that matter to explicitly state who is liable for the waste management and disposal.

Second, you need to hire a forest-management and procurement consultant who has a vast network in the business. Their job is to find you a corporate tenant, to introduce you to land management programs, and the taxation. Their methods ensure the preservation of land fertility and natural water supply.

The Types of Forest Use

wood chainsawMost forest landowners use their plots for timberland. This business is indeed potential and relatively stable to make profits, but if you deal in a market with many like-minded people, then you may need to diversify your forest.

First, you can use your lot to plant aromatic woods like cedar, pine, European ash, and birch. Companies that make aromatic woods usually make revenue faster than logs and timbers. Therefore, renting your land to them can be a profit-making choice.

Second, your empty plot can also be used for edible plants. However, the cultivation process for this forest use may be long and alter the default chemical composition of the soil. As a landowner, you have the right to inspect whether the plantation method by your tenant follow the regulation or not.

Third, you can allocate your land plot for medical purposes. For instance, you can rent it to a pharmaceutical company that specializes in medicinal herbs research.

Fourth, you can use your land to build an outing site. Many outing companies are running out empty land these days. However, like typical tourism sites, you may need extra resources to manage litters, electric energy, and the outing equipment.

Represent Your Business Online

forest ecosystem illustrationToday, the Internet does not only accommodate B2C (Business to Customer) but also B2B (Business to Business) interaction. There is no reason for a company not to make themselves appear online. You must not make that mistake, and you must create yourself a digital personality.

First, you can create an official web that displays the data of your land’s fertility, water conservation, and ecosystem stats. It will be a smart public relation move that can prevent you from environmentalist lawsuits.

Second, state to the public that you are welcome to environmentalist researchers who are interested in studying forestry. It opens the opportunity for you to learn new things and support the conservationist movement.