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The best reward that you can ever give to your child is education. Specifically, formal education which is offered in schools. You can build your child’s career life by first taking him or her to the best preschool. This is where both social character and career starts to be nurtured. If you make a poor decision on this, you might end up subjecting your child to a very poor educational foundation.

Most people consider their success as a product of the foundation that was laid during the start of their journey. Therefore, you need to be keen while looking for a nursery Finchley location school to enroll your child. The following is a comprehensive guide on what to look for in a nursery school for your child.

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Assess the teacher’s qualitychildren playing

Teachers will play a specific role while you are not with your child. They will shape his or her character and also impart valuable knowledge into them. For learning to take place effectively, the teachers should be qualified. Therefore, try to assess the validity of teachers’ degrees in their early childhood education. They should be qualified, hospitable and accommodative. All these values will play a role in the learning and character development of your child.


As a parent or guardian, it is your duty to keep your child safe all the time. You do not want to subject your child to an insecure environment especially at his or her early developmental stages. Assess and inquire about the security of the school. Is the nursery school is well fenced and has responsible guards at the gate and within the school. Your child’s security should be guaranteed before even enrolling them. A secure nursery is equal to proper education.

The cost

In life, almost everything that we need requires money. This is the main reason why you are supposed to make a reasonable budget before making any transaction. Ensure that you save enough money so that you can pay for your child’s school fees. The quality of teachers, education, and facilities helps to determine the amount of money you will be required to pay. Ensure that you take a tour through the school to see the performance of the previous and present students. This will help you to determine if the services they offer are worth the money they require.

Curriculum used

boy writingCurriculum defines the type of character and knowledge your child grows to possess. Therefore, choose a school that has embraced a strong curriculum which brings in the fundamentals of learning. This curriculum should help in integrating all the innovative programs which will promote your kid’s creativity, spiritual doctrines, and cultural diversity.

The approach should be learner-centered so that your child’s interests are met while under supervision. This is what effective learning is all about. The activities that take place in and out of the class should be spearheaded towards shaping your child’s social, cultural and spiritual life. All these will make your child to grown all-round.