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espresso machine

If you are a coffee lover looking for the best machine to enable you to have control of your coffee making process, Breville BES920XL is the right choice for you. Many coffee lovers are looking for great home maker for espresso & coffee. This machine has the best rating in the market regarding quality, durability, handling, taste, as well as price.

Breville Bes920XL


This espresso machine has dual boilers made from stainless steel with the ability to promote the making of the best Breville Bes920XLespresso as possible as well as boost the cleaning process. Different from other espresso machines, Breville BES920XL has Electronic PID Temperature Controls that ultimately control extraction pressure in a similar way as the water temperature.

This quality makes it possible to have a professional control over the machine. Its temperature range is adjustable from 190 to 205 degrees Celsius. This ability helps the machine to maintain the exact water temperature needed in addition to provided thermal stability essential for the making of the best espresso.

Different blends

This espresso machine also comes with the capacity to provide varied blends, origins and roasts of espresso on a consistent basis to make things more interesting and divine. With this machine, you can control the volume in advance to about two cups while at the same time manually reprogramming or stopping when in the extraction and steaming process.

This espresso machine also comes with an auto-start, which you can set to provide you with ready coffee when you wake up or when you come home from a long day at work without having to wait at all. Also, it has a swivel steam wand that enhances a 360-degree rotation to provide a three-holed tip among other varied actions. The three-holed tip ensures your espresso has incredibly silky texture. It comes with a 2.5 liters capacity of the water tank and 1700 power Wattage.

Benefits and advantages

espresso machineThis espresso machine offers the best ratio between price and quality you can find in the market. It has several state-of-the-art characteristics found in many other more expensive coffee machines.

It comes with a user-friendly interface. It’s handy descaling feature is ideal for you home because it facilitates the cleaning of this machine. It has a quality that enables simultaneous extraction and frothing, pre-infusion with low pressure, limited highest extract pressure, and a stable extraction temperature.


The machine portafilter needs a bit more muscle power to lock it in place when the extraction is made ready, and ground tamped. Since the espresso machine is a bit big, you require adequate space in your kitchen or any other place you are planning to fix it.