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ponchos and capes

The fashion and style for women have become diverse today that ponchos and capes blend well with other costumes in the closet to make a woman look lovely and sexy. Historically, ponchos were typical outwears for guitar players in Mexico, but they have come a long way to find themselves in the women’s closets. They are available in different styles, designs, colors, patterns, materials, sizes, and at varied prices for you to choose from and look elegant. As a woman,it is vital that you buy one or two ponchos and capes in your closet today. Some of the advantages of buying capes and ponchos include:


Fabrics and seasons

man waring ponchos and capesOne critical advantage that ponchos and capes have is that they are available in several materials from acetate, cotton blend, acrylic, faux suede, cotton, angora blend, chiffon, and cashmere. It means that you can purchase a poncho or a cape for every season. During the spring, you can wear a cashmere poncho or cape to give you enough warmth at the beginning and consider putting on the ones made of delicate lace, soft knits, and lightweight materials when days become warmer. Short-sleeved ponchos and capes as well as those with wide necks or made of sheer fabric are good for the summer. Put on sweater capes and ponchos made from cashmere, angora, or thinner wool during the fall when days are cooler. Even during winter, you will find ponchos and capes made from heavier fabrics such as wool and knits as well as those which are longer reaching below your hips to keep you warm.

Mix and match

Capes and ponchos are as different as their names suggest. For ponchos, they come in one-piece, and you can wear it over the head. However, for capes, they have an opening, which you can fasten it in the front. Both have a way of facilitating you mix and match style to make you look sexy and lovely as well as unique. You can blend your cape with a dress while you can combine your poncho with something tighter like skinny jeans or leggings and stand out among other people. The combination is suitable for summer and winter as well as in-between seasons.


ponchosAnother significant benefit of ponchos and capes is that they are made for different occasions. You can wear one for an official or formal event and remain professional. Similarly, you can wear them on a casual occasion and keep that street look in addition to staying beautiful and sexy. Try one of the ponchos or capes today and you will not be disappointed.