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car oil

There are different kinds of motor oil on the market that are meant for various purposes. You need to understand a few things like the classification codes, viscosity ratings, and oil additives. The oil additives help in keeping the engine corrosion-free, clean, and cool while the viscosity ratings determine how the motor oil will flow. The oil classification codes refer to the quality symbol on the container of the oil that indicates that the oil has met the required standards. It is important to look at the motor oil reviews before buying the car oil. Let us look at the different types of motor oil;

Premium conventional oil

premium If you have a new car, then the premium conventional oil is what you should buy. The leading brands have a single service level that is available in different viscosities. For lower temperatures, the car manufacturers usually recommend a 5W-30 or 5W-20. The 10W-30 oil is another option, especially for the higher ambient temperature. Changing the oil regularly is recommended; doing it after four months is highly encouraged.

Full synthetic oil

The full synthetic oil is best for the high-tech engines. If you are driving a Mercedes -Benz or Chevy Corvette, then the full synthetic oil is the ideal oil for you. Make sure that these oils have passed the stringent tests by looking at their labeling. This indicates that such oils have longer-lasting and superior performances in the critical areas like protection from deposits and the viscosity index.

Synthetic blend oil

The synthetic blend oil has a composition of the organic oil which has been mixed with the synthetic oil. The mixture is then formulated to offer protection to the higher temperatures and heavy loads. Since they are less volatile, the rate of evaporation is significantly reduced which means that you will not lose a lot of oil. The synthetic blend oil is perfect for individuals who want high-load protection like the drivers of SUVs or pickups.

Higher mileage oil

car oil The type of oil you select for your car and how regularly you maintain your car will determine how long your car will last. If your vehicle covers a higher mileage within a short time, then the best oil to go for is the higher mileage oil. If your mileage readers more than 75,000 miles, then you need to take your car for maintenance. The higher maintenance oil will sort you out big when it comes to such kind of mileage. Watch the video below on how to choose the best motor oil;