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Different situations ignite mixed reactions from various individuals. Well, that is the beauty of having different personalities. However, there are situations where straightforward and neutral questions might evoke a surprising question. Mostly, this “answers” originate from adult children that suffering from or recovering from drug abuse, stress or those from abusive relationships. This behaviour is credited to the fact that most of these kids have piled up a list of traumas that limit the way they express themselves.

From a neutral perspective, you will realise how makeup meltingadult children deal with feelings depends on the upbringing and the environment the child was born into. Poor raising can limit the chances of success of a child in life. However, there are proven and tested ways that can be used to handle these emotions. From a psychologist’s perspective, here are some techniques that can be used to deal with negative emotions.

Dealing with Emotions


Well, young children only see the bright side of life. To them, everything is always good and being happy is the norm. Most children are not always in touch with their deep feelings. Avoiding or ignoring such feelings creates a buildup of negative emotions deep within. It reaches a time when the buildup compels you to release the pain in an unhealthy manner.


There are times when a friend or someone close to you says something that upsets. To maintain the links, most people often tend to keep the disappointments to themselves. Moreover, the fear of how they might respond to your sentiments compels try and ignore them. However, hiding these feelings bars us from maintaining genuine relationships.


Most young adults feel judgmental about themselves. As such, they tend to look down up upon themselves. Consequently, these leads them to a new dimension of trying to view others from a negative perspective instead of focusing on themselves.


How do subwaymost people express their displeasure? Some react to it soberly whereas others overreact. When we overreact, your mind cheats you that you are strong where you are feeble from within. This overreaction from simple comments sparks negative emotions from something that would have been addressed soberly.

As such, to manage your emotions, it is wise to pause a bit and respond to this feelings appropriately. In other instances, take a deep breath and reflect on the situation you are facing. Most of the emotions we feel are very natural. In this regard, you need to learn and handle your emotions effectively.