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There are different types of toys. Toys are classified based on their design or by the material used to make them. As such, considering the material used, most toys are made from metallic, wood, or plastic materials. As much as plastic toys are cheap and easily to recycle, wood is considered a superior alternative considering that it is mad from natural materials. Notwithstanding, wooden toys are sourced from sustainable forests. As such, they are not only good for children but to the environment.


This article presents some reasons why wooden toys are considered to better alternatives to those made from plastic materials.

Durabilitywooden toy

Looking at the difference between these two materials, wooden products last longer than plastics. Notably, if one accidentally stepped on a wooden toy, the chances are that it would not break unlike stepping on a plastic laptop. When a child is assured that the toy is durable, he or she can be more industrious thereby inspiring them to be more creative. Unfortunately, considering that plastic toys are cheaper than wooden ones, they do not last long.

Safety and Health Benefits

Unlike plastics, wooden toys are made from natural products. This makes wooden toys safer that plastics considering that plastics are made from chemicals products. This consideration is particularly important considering that young children are fond of putting anything on their hands into the mouth. Wooden toys made by traditional artisans do not have the toxins available in plastics a fact that makes playing wooden plastics safe and healthy.

Environmental Benefits

After using a toy, the most probable destination of used toys is in landfills. When buying toys for your children, the toys should be safe for your kids and good for the environment. Wooden toys are safe for children and our planets as well. A majority of wooden toys are made from recycled rubber trees and plantation timber.


Wooden toywooden toyss do need batteries or replacement parts considering that they are durable. Moreover, unlike plastic toys, wooden toys do not require the continuous purchase of components like batteries. Wooden toys might be relatively expensive, but in the long the run, they are economical to buy.

Earlier generations might not have had the chance of enjoying the options we see today. However, the experience they had with the few are timeless. In this regard, get back to nature and start buying wooden toys to your children. These units are environmentally friendly, economical, can be passed down to subsequent generations, and can never be out of fashion.