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Fire can only occur with these elements: oxygen, heat, fuel, and chemical reaction. In order to put off the fire, you must remove one of the elements, and you need a fire extinguisher to do so. There are three main types of fire extinguishers. Water fire extinguishers use water to douse the heat. The dry chemical fire extinguisher uses monoammonium phosphate powder to interrupt the chemical reaction, while the CO2 fire extinguisher takes away oxygen to put off the fire.

An element fire extinguisher works by interrupting the combustion process at the molecular level. It works best with class B and E fires, making it excellent to have in cars and homes. Class B fires are those that are caused by flammable liquids such as petrol and oil. Class D involves electrical apparatuses, such as computers, chargers, etc.

As fire accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, the following advantages of element fire extinguishers should convince you to buy one.


Small Size

The element fire extinguisher is lightweight and has a compact size. It is 10x lighter and 80% smaller than the standard fire extinguishers. Therefore, it is convenient to have it in your car, as it does not occupy much space.

While element fire extinguishers are small, they can last longer as it has 5x the discharge time of a conventional fire extinguisher.

Ease of Use

Because it is light and small, you can carry it conveniently to the scene of a fire and operate it with one hand. A discharge thrust does not happen so that you can maneuver easily.

Clean and Safe

Unlike the standard fire extinguisher, element fire extinguishers do not emit a massive mess. The gas that it produces is safe for humans and pets. It will not remove the oxygen in the area, so you will not run of air while fighting the fire.

No Expiration

Element fire extinguisher does not have an expiry date. It can still work when exposed to extreme temperatures, whether in a freezing or very hot environment. You can stock it in some conspicuous area and leave it there as it does not need any maintenance.

With these advantages of element fire extinguisher, it pays to spend a little of your earnings to have them in your car and home. As a general rule, place your element fire extinguishers in conspicuous places because of their small size. They can easily be misplaced.

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