Posted on: 2021-02-02 Posted by: Melvin Miller Comments: 0

You are not the best cat owner if you still have not bought your pet cat a scratching post. As our pets give us so much joy, we should also know their wants and needs to let them enjoy their life to the fullest. For pet cat, a cat scratching post is both a need and a want. You should buy one as soon as possible.

Pets get bored too. For sure, you are not always there to play with your pet. A scratching post will surely make your cat very happy. But if you think you are buying a scratching post for your cat, you will soon see that you will also benefit for the decision.

Here are some reasons you have to buy a scratching post for your cat.

A Scratching Post Benefits Your Cat’s Health

Cats love to scratch. This is a way to sharpen their claws which they use to climb, fight predators, hunt food, mark its territory, and many more. With a scratching post, you are providing your cat a convenient surface to scratch its claws.

Scratching posts also provide your cat more ways to exercise. This will prevent ailments that is caused by less activity. With a scratching post, expect your cat to be jumping, climbing, and stretching its extremities. This will make your cat healthier inside out. With physical exercise, your cat can avoid heart disease. Because cats love to play with scratching posts, you are preventing your cat from getting depressed.

Aside from heart disease and depression, a scratching post can also assure that your cat will not undergo ugly manifestations of growing old such as obesity and dementia.

A Scratching Post Will Save Your Couch

Without a scratching surface, everywhere you look, there must some cat scratches. From your couch to walls and furniture feet, there may be ugly traces of scratches. Who’s the culprit? Don’t blame your dog. It must be your pet cat. To avoid this, buy a scratching post with sisal fabrics. It is the best material for scratching as it allow shredding.

A Scratching Post Will Let Your Cat Stay Put

Our cats will always have the animal instinct. It may find its way outside to look for something more entertaining. This can be dangerous as there can be predators or it can go down the busy street. A scratching post will provide all the entertainment for your cat, like climbing or just sitting down on top of the post and looking down over its territory.